The mission of this website is to bring to you, the visitor, general and specific information on various aspects of the State of New York and it's contributions to the Civil War. Although the majority of content will deal with N.Y. military units and personnel, there may be occasional information and stories regarding Civil War units and personnel not from/of New York. You can expect to see the website grow over time, with more related articles and links added frequently. Please do not hesitate to with comments, suggestions, errors found, etc.

My Photos in the Gettysburg Museum & Visitor Center:
I am very fortunate and honored that six of my Gettysburg Battlefield photographs, Presented Here, were chosen to be placed in the new Gettysburg Museum and Visitor Center. Currently, I am one of only two contemporary photographers who have their work displayed there. I am also the only photographer they have chosen to have two large format photographs (matted and framed) displayed on their 'Big Print Wall'.

Gettysburg Photos: Click on the thumbnail photo directly below to view a few of the various photos I have taken at the Gettysburg Battlefield.

Colonel David Ireland:
Colonel David Ireland, born in Scotland, eventually found his way to Binghamton, N.Y. He was the commander of the 137th N.Y.V. Infantry, which he recruited here in Binghamton. The 137th saw action in many places, and suffered great losses during the war, most notably at Gettysburg. Get to know a little more about Col. Ireland and Other Men of the 137th N.Y.V. Infantry.

N.Y.S. Monument at Gettysburg:
The Empire State erected a large monument at the National Cemetery in Gettysburg, dedicated to her sons who gallantly fought and gave their lives during that battle. Information and Photos of this monument can be viewed Here.

N.Y.S. Monument at Antietam:
The State of New York erected a Monument at Antietam to her brave soldiers that fought there. N.Y.S. lost 3,765 officers and men killed, wounded, captured or missing in that one day of battle at Antietam. On this page, you will also find links to listings of All N.Y.S. Monuments at Antietam, and a listing of All N.Y.S. Regiments at Antietam.

The Last Civil War Union Veteran:
Was born on February 11, 1847 in Antwerp, 22 miles northeast of Watertown, N.Y. Albert Woolson was 109 years old when he passed away. Photos of his memorial in Gettysburg here.

At 111 years of age, the oldest surviving Civil War Veteran, at the time, was James A. Hard, who passed away 3 years before Albert Woolson. Mr. Hard was born, and grew up in Windsor, only a few miles from Binghamton, NY.

Mathew Brady Born in NY: It was widely known or speculated that the famous Civil War Photographer, Mathew Brady, was born in NY State, but where was unknown. Historian and author, Glenn Pearsall, has finally unraveled the mystery. Thanks to Mr. Pearsall for allowing me to use his article on this site for our readers.

Something Gray: By Phillip Hopersberger
A frail boy, and a magnet for bullies, John Singleton Mosby is a loser. That is until Aaron, family slave and friend, teaches him to ride, hunt, and most importantly, how to fight back. His philosophy changes Mosby’s life, and his view on slavery.

Based on a true story, Confederate Colonel Mosby’s partisan war heroics culminate in a daring scheme to kidnap Lincoln and end the war, but Lee’s unexpected surrender effectively dooms the Southern cause. In a dying final gasp, the rebel Secret Service plots Lincoln’s assassination instead and finds an indignant Mosby in their way. The screenplay converted into an e-Book, now on Amazon Something Gray

More here on FaceBook Something Gray

Another great little book, recently released, by Phillip Hopsersberger, available on Amazon. 52 Thinks About God,

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General John C. Robinson:
"The student of history who reads the story of the first day's battle at Gettysburg will note with interest that, of the six infantry divisions which fought that day, five were commanded by New York generals, - Robinson, Doubleday, Wadsworth, Barlow, and Steinwehr."

John Cleveland Robinson was born in Binghamton, N.Y., April 10, 1817. At the age of eighteen he entered the military academy at West Point, where he remained three years, and then left with the intention of studying law.

Read the official biography (as published in "New York at Gettysburg") and view photos of General John C. Robinson.

At the time of his death, General Robinson was residing at 140 Washington Street in Binghamton. The home is no longer there.

Confederate Hero from N.Y.S.:
A native of Windsor, N.Y. (located approximately 15 miles east of Binghamton) Jedediah Hotchkiss, after graduating from Windsor Academy, left home and went south. He found his new home in Virginia, and with his mapping skills, helped to win battles for "Stonewall" Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and other C.S.A. Generals.

Building of the U.S.S. Monitor:
The part, in what is now known as Johnson City, N.Y., had in the building of the U.S.S. Monitor.

New York State Recruitment Posters:
View some Recruitment Posters that were used throughout New York during the Civil War.

General Grant's Cottage:
Located high atop Mt. McGregor in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., General Grant spent his last days there writing his memiors. A visit to Grant's Cottage is a step backwards in time.

Col. Ireland Memorial Svc:
A Memorial Service was held on Sep 11, 2004 at Spring Forest Cemetery in Binghamton, NY for Col. David Ireland of the 137th N.Y.V. Memorial Service Photos have been downsized for viewing on the web. Clicking on the link will bring up another browser page, when done viewing simply close out that browser to come back.

N.Y.S. Battleflag Conservation:
I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the 'Resource Center' north of Albany where conservation efforts are in full swing to stabilize N.Y.S. Civil War battle flags. See the story and photos of my trip to the 'Resource Center'.

Antietam Memorial Illumination:
Here are some photos from The Annual Memorial Illumination of the Antietam National Battlefield in December 2004.

Cemetery Listings:
I have completed a listing, including photos of the headstones, of Civil War Veterans who are buried in the Chenango Valley Cemetery located in Hillcrest, Town of Fenton, Broome County, NY.

I have completed a listing, including photos of the headstones, of Civil War Veterans who are buried in the McKune Cemetery located in Oakland Township, Susquehanna County, PA.

Soldiers' Cemetery - Gettysburg:
Here is a listing of those members of the 137th N.Y.V.I. Buried in the Gettysburg National Cemetery - with photos of their headstones.

Broome County Civil War Veterans:
A listing of those Broome County Men who made the Ultimate Sacrifice.

John H. Townsend:
Some brief information on John H. Townsend of the 94th N.Y. Vol. Infantry.

Broome County Regiments:
Here you will find a Listing of the Regiments and Companies that were raised in Broome County.

The 200th Birthday Bash for General James Wadsworth:
Photos here of the Birthday Celebration, held at the General's home.

General Joseph J. Bartlett:
Gen. Bartlett of Binghamton, N.Y., enlisted in the 27th N.Y.V. Infantry and soon advanced in rank throughout the war. He later became the U.S. Minister to Sweden and Norway.

5th TX vs. the 5th NY:
Madison Ross, a member of the 5th Texas Regiment, wrote a Letter in which he briefly describes their encounter, and defeat, of the 5th NY Zouaves at the Battle of Second Manassas.

A few photos taken at the Chancellorsville Battlefield where the 137th NYVI fought.

Battlefield Maps:
Indispensable aids and guides to important Civil War Battlefields by Trailhead Graphics.

Confederate Monuments - Texas State Capitol:
I spent about a month down in Texas with FEMA working the Hurricane Ike disaster. On the one day off I had the entire time I was there , I went to the State Capitol Building and Grounds, located in Austin, to take photos of the three Confederate Monuments erected there (photos will open up another window, close when done viewing).

Pierce Creek Civil War Reenactment:
Here are photos from the last held reenactment at Pierce Creek Saturday, August 27th (photos will open up another window, close when done viewing).

Evergreen Cemetery:
Here are some interesting photos of Evergreen Cemetery in Gettysburg (photos will open up another window, close when done viewing).

Phelps Mansion Civil War Day 2014:
A few photos taken at the Phelps Mansion Civil War Day event, Sunday, April 27, 2014.

Remembrance Day Parade:
Photos of the Annual Gettysburg Remembrance Day Parade from 2011. There are 85 Photos Presented Here (photos will open up another window, close when done viewing).

** Windham, NY Civil War Heritage Musical Gathering:
Fifteen photos taken at the 15th Annual Civil War Heritage Musical Gathering & Encampment on Saturday, August 4, 2012 (photos will open up another window, close when done viewing).

** Upcoming Special Events:
No updates at this time.

** N.Y.S. Military Museum & Veterans Research Center:
No updates at this time. .
137th N.Y.V. Infantry:
The 137th N.Y.V. Infantry was recruited by Col. David Ireland in Binghamton, NY. The regiment fought in many famous battles and suffered great loses. The regiment's Surgeon, John M. Farrington, wrote a History of the 137th for inclusion in the "New York at Gettysburg", a 3 volume set of books, commissioned and paid for by the state of New York so that the actions of all N.Y.S. units that fought at Gettysburg, would never be forgotten. The History of the 137th is long, but of highly interesting reading. You can also view Photos of the 137th's monument at Gettysburg.

The 137th arrived at Gettysburg with 456 officers and men. Loses were: 40 Killed, 87 Wounded, 10 Captured or Missing. Total lost - Ironically, the 137th N.Y.V. Infantry lost 137 men at Gettysburg.

137th N.Y.V. Infantry Group Photos:
A Group Photo of some of the 137th N.Y.V. Infantry survivors. c. 1910
A Group Photo of some of the 137th N.Y.V. Infantry survivors. c. 1914

Civil War Battles in New York:
I receive many inquiries asking what battles took place in New York during the Civil War. If you are here looking for that information, the answer is none. No Civil War battles took place within the state of New York. The farthest north that any Civil War battle took place was Gettysburg, PA.

Memoirs of a Local Man:
Arthur E. Crocker, wrote of his experiences during his service to the Union during the Civil War. An excerpt from his "Reminiscences of Finch Hollow" makes for interesting reading.

Broome County, N.Y. Monument:
Photos of the Broome County monument to her Civil War veterans.

Eyewitness Accounts of Antietam:
An interesting first hand account of one man's life with the 64th N.Y. Infantry, taken from his Diary.

Vivid eyewitness account of the battle of Antietam, "With Burnside At Antietam" by David L. Thompson, Co. G, 9th N. Y. Vols.

She was 12 years old when the battle of Antietam took place, and later in life she wrote about her experiences during that battle. A Woman's Recollections of Antietam by Mary Bedinger Mitchell.

"This From George":
Civil War Letters of Sergeant George Magusta Englis, 1861-1865.

Memorial Day Service at a Forest Grave:
Civil War Veteran Henry C. Allen was buried in an obscure and remote location in WA. Some locals see that he is remembered on Memorial Day.

N.Y.S. Gettysburg Veteran's Medal:
LTC Kevin Lynch shows and talks about the medal presented to his great-great grandfather, Leander Bartlett, in 1893.

1st Shot of Gettysburg Marker:
Photos of this Marker which many don't even know exists.

Hanover Junction, PA:
Photos of the Train Station President Lincoln stopped at in November 1863, on his way to Gettysburg where he delivered his famous "Gettysburg Address".

PA Past Players:
Photos of the Pennsylvania Past Players at the Hanover Junction Train Station, July 14, 2007.

Jacob Lester:
Was Broome County's Last Surviving Civil War Veteran. Mr. Lester lived in the Village of Port Dickinson.

Letter to Father:
John Seacole of the 47th N.Y.V. Militia sent this Letter to his father from Fort McHenry, MD in 1862.

Letters from a Sailor:
Kathryn Kemp Silberger has created a website containing over 30 letters her great grandfather wrote home after he enlisted in the Navy in 1862, at age 19, in Buffalo, N.Y. Kathryn's project brings Civil War Naval experiences to life for your reading enjoyment. For the 'Civil War Letters of Daniel Francis Kemp', please visit the "Your Affectionate Son" website.

Arthur Borthwick:
Meet Arthur Borthwick who enlisted in the 157th N.Y.V. Infantry.

Battle of the Little Big Horn:
Of interest to Binghamton/Broome Co. area people might be information on a local boy, Lucian Burnham, who rode, fought and died with Lt. Col. George Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Although the battle took place after the civil war, many of the soldiers of the 7th Cavalry had served in the civil war, some making quite a name for themselves.

Fort Point:
A civil war fort in California? Take a Short Tour of Fort Point, located directly beneath the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA.

Singular Fidelity of a Dog on the Battle-Field:
"On Monday last, as Hon. John Covode, in company with a number of officers, was passing over the battle-field beyond Fredericksburg, their attention was called to a small dog lying by a corpse." More

Sallie the Mascot:
The mascot of the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry, was said to have a great dislike for Rebels, Democrats, and Women. Read more about Sallie and see photos of her monument at Gettysburg.

Remembering the Civil War Through the Arts:
Emma Walton speaks of how the Arts have played an important part of the Civil War.

Suffering Veterans - The American Civil War and PTSD:
Emma Walton speaks about how PTSD played a part in Civil War Soldier's lives.

My Book:
My book, 'Johnson City Firefighting', is still available.

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